EPC Tips Taunton, Wellington, BRIDGEWATER and Somerset – Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Here are some EPC tips on how to improve your energy performance certificate rating. Please read this advice before ordering an EPC for your property.

Please view this link to find energy grants from the government.

Lighting – top EPC tips

Try and make sure as many of your fixed light fittings as possible have low energy lamps fitted. This will improve the EPC rating.

Loft Insulation – top ECP Tips

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your EPC rating. Going from no insulation to 270mm can improve the rating by 10 or 15 points. Even a top up on existing insulation can get 2-5 points worth of improvement in many cases.

Cavity wall insulation

If you have cavity walls, make sure they are insulated. Insulating a cavity can improve the rating by 5-10 points on average.

Upgrade your heating

The heating system is one of the key factors in the EPC. Upgrading an old boiler to a new condensing model will improve your rating by 5-20 points. Check whether you qualify for the Governments Boiler Upgrade Scheme

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EPC Tips – ratings chart

Boiler information to ensure the correct rating

The EPC assessor will try to establish the exact make and model of the boiler. This will ensure that your property gets the most appropriate efficiency rating. However, establishing the boiler details from visual inspection can be difficult, so please provide information manuals or service history where available.

Insulate your hot water cylinder – EPC Tips

Not everyone has a hot water cylinder, but if you do, it is worth adding insulation to the tank. This is cheap and easy to do, and will bump your rating by a few points as well.

Glazing and when to upgrade

Upgrading single glazed windows to new double glazing will make several points difference on average. If you already have double glazing, even if it is old, there is not going to be much improvement. If your double glazed windows were fitted after 2002 and the date is not visible in the units, then documented evidence of the installation date will be of assistance to the assessor.

Documentation – lack of documentation can cost points.

If you have already had insulation installed but there is no access to the space, then you should try to get documentation to show this to the EPC assessor. Sometimes this can make as much difference as actually installing an improvement. The same goes for windows installations and other improvements.

Seal open chimneys – EPC Tips

Open fires and draughty chimneys actually make some difference to the EPC rating. If possible, block these up permanently, or install a closed heater in the opening.

Solid wall insulation

Properties with solid walls are going to have a lower EPC rating than an equivalent cavity wall property. You can either insulate internally or externally with a solid wall and either way it is expensive. The good news is that it can increase the rating of the property by 10-20 points or more, so if maximising your EPC rating is important to you, then this is the way to go.

Renewable energy – Solar power and wind turbines

Adding solar PV should boost your rating, dependent on the size of the system being installed. With larger 16 panel systems, you could add 10 points to the rating. Solar thermal, although usually a bit cheaper than a PV system will only add a few points to the rating. Wind turbines can also improve the rating, but will only make a difference for larger turbines in rural areas. Small urban turbines have little impact, both in the EPC and in your electricity supply!

Draught proofing – top EPC tips

Draught proofing can add about a point onto the final rating. Not much, but they don’t cost much to do!

Why do I need an EPC?

For important information on EPC’s, refer to my EPC information page

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