Local Retrofit Assessor in Taunton and Somerset

Local Retrofit Assessor in Taunton and Somerset – My name is Robin and I am a retired construction professional and former Chartered Surveyor. Please note that I have over 40 years of property and construction related experience which make me the ideal professional to undertake your Retrofit Assessment in Taunton and surrounding areas.

I offer a friendly, affordable and very flexible service for fixed fee Retrofit Assessments in and around Taunton as well as most of Somerset. My services are always tailored to suit your needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and to obtain a low cost fixed fee quotation.

I live close to Taunton, which allows me to offer a competitive fixed fee Service

What is Retrofit

Domestic properties, which require energy retrofit work, may need to be assessed by a Retrofit Assessor. Assessors play a key role in whole house retrofit projects as they collect important property data/information, which can then be utilised by Retrofit Coordinators to develop a retrofit plan.

A retrofit assessment is a non-intrusive on-site assessment, which includes the following:

  • an RdSAP assessment
  • a detailed floor plan
  • a condition report which is a room by room assessment which details the overall condition of windows, walls and services
  • an occupancy assessment, which involves speaking directly with the home owner to determine how they use the property, and what their fuel bills are

Where are my Retrofit Assessment services offered?

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Local Provider

Retrofit Assessment Prices in Taunton and Somerset.

There are lots of factors which can affect the cost of your Retrofit Assessment such as size of property, the number of extensions, travel time and fuel costs.

My rates are fixed and can be determined from the following table:


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Tips on EPC’s, in particular, how to achieve a better rating, please refer to my EPC tips.

For information on the optional extra of floor plans drawn to scale, please refer to my floor plans page.

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